We sell, install, and monitor commercial and residential security and fire alarm systems. Wireless emergency medical and police panic wrist and pendant transmitters are available for persons with critical medical conditions or home s in high risk or high crime areas. Carbon Monoxide monitoring, heat and smoke detectors, furnace failure, high and low temperature sensors, holdup and panic buttons, and basement water sensors are just some of the we monitor for our customers. We monitor systems we install and systems the customer may already have installed and monitored by another company. The majority of our business is in the Central Ohio area, but we can accept anything in the USA. Other services we specialize in are electric locks, card entry systems, CCTV local and remote viewing and recording, home automation, telephone, cat-5, cable TV, and low voltage structure wiring. We lease and sell systems and equipment. Uplink cellular monitoring is offered as a backup to our extremely reliable regular digital phone line monitoring.